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How It Works



With its one click integration on your website, DOTHATTASK is the efficient & user friendly platform to use and get your work done like WordPress development, design , error & digital marketing.

With DOTHATTASK on your website you can collect tasks, grab screenshots, get expert estimations, track progress and manage your web service provider and payments

Quick Steps to get started

, How It Works


DOTHATTASK wordpress plugin integration adds a button to your site and allow you to add tasks from anywhere on your website
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Create Tasks

Create a task and explain better by takin a screenshot, crop the image, add arrows, text and frames directly on the image
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Manage Tasks

Manage your task using Task Central, admin panel menu, under DOTHATTASK, click task central where you can view and manage all your tasks
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Acquire Experts Estimation

Simply click on the “Ask for Estimation” button to acquire estimate on the task you have created
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Get assigned an Expert

DOTHATTASK will automatically assign a relevant Hand-picked Expert for you, so you can focus only on your requirements
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Step 6 – Approve Task

You can approve a task by clicking the pay button and pay task amount
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Process Payment

Process the payment to start work that will stay with DOTHATTASK till the task is done

When the Expert finish he will change the status to “Review”,

You need to make sure you got what you asked for if so – mark task as “Done”.

If not – feel free to change the status back to “Reopen”.


If you experience a problem, or need an assistance, feel free to click here and chat with us